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Hi. My name is Mark, I'm a mild-mannered programmer by day, and a hobbyist iOS developer in the evenings.

My gaming life began early - during the heydays of the 80's. When I were a lad, I would look forward to buying Atari cartridges and C64 games on cassettes - usually for a small price of 1.99 or thereabouts. The games would often have rudimentary graphics and basic mechanics, but have a special place in my heart to this day. Games like Chuckie Egg, Dizzy, Elite, Ghosts 'n' Goblins and many more. When I wasn't playing games, I was writing them - checking out BASIC programming books from the library and carefully re-typing the hundreds of lines of code to create simple text adventures. Good times!
Fast forward a good few decades.. University, work, life, more work...
I guess I'm at that stage of my life where I wanted to recapture that feeling from my youth, so I decided to venture into game development in my spare time. I'm no indie developer - just a hobbyist.. so this is still all a big experiment.
The Drone Leader game(s) began in September 2016 whilst on holiday in the lake district. The primary aim was to develop a simple enough game using all the best practices I had learnt over the previous year.
I hope you like the games...

Contact Details

Mark Hodgson

iOS Exclusive


Designed and written exclusively for iOS devices.
Written in Apple's own SpriteKit framework and Swift language, the Drone Leader games have been written from the ground up as exclusive iOS titles.


  • - Universal App
  • - No in-app purchases and no adverts
  • - Dynamic lighting effects
  • - Particle emitters for asteroids, explosions, wormholes and more
  • - Force touch aware (where applicable)


Drone Leader: Solo is a completely free game. No IAPs. No adverts. It serves as a prequel to the full game Drone Leader: Asteroids which will be released to the App Store with a nominal cost. The full game will contain more content, but use the same engine and graphics: The additional content will include:

  • - AI Drones to train
  • - Explosive mines
  • - Wormholes
  • - Spatial Distortions
  • - and much more...


Endless Shooter

It's a simple physics based shooter. Destroy approaching asteroids and UFOs. Use power-ups to collect up to 4 different weapon types and shield regeneration.


In Drone Leader: Solo you have no drones in your team - you are on your own.
In the full game you will have access to up to 5 different drones each controlled by A.I. You must train your drones during your missions to make them more intelligent. After repeated missions, your drones will become a force to be reckoned with.

What people are saying

  • At least I can play this one - your last game was too difficult!

    My Wife
  • I'm rubbish at games.. but sure - I'll take a look if it'll shut you up.

    Ian J.
  • Stop mucking about with that game.. the dog needs a walk!

    My Wife again

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